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We feature and photo curate video tours of luxurious home from around the world emphasizing on modern-contemporary designs. Here we are visually inspired and motivated, so we highlight each virtual tour with photos on what we think are design pluses. The more we like about the property from the video tour, the more photos are likely to be highlighted.

Although our real estate coverage is world-wide, majority of our ultra luxury home tours are within California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New York and Nevada in USA as well as British Columbia and Ontario in Canada.

Most of these real estate video tours gave us insights into what ultra luxury ($10 million+ USD) and luxury ($1 million+ to $10 million USD) homes are like as well as looking into how finest interior design with designer quality furnishings, top of line finishes, custom high-end appliances and smart-home automation technology help elevating these amazing homes. We also photo curate few tours of high-end ($500,000 to $1 million USD) homes with extensive fine-tuned interior design, renovation and decoration that left us aspiring to do the same.

We appreciate the videography that brought us these incredibe tours. With our featured posts which can help broaden exposoure to the works of videographers, media studios, real estate agencies, architectural design firms, renovation/remodeling companies, interior designers, interior decorators/home staging and custom homebuilders. Just think of us as part of your marketing reach to gain more potential customers!

We categorize the size of home as follow:
House (less than 8,000 square feet of living space)
Mansion (more than 8,000 sqft and less than 16,000 sqft)
Mega-mansion (more than 16,000 sqft)

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